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The Chef

Giannis Parikos

“For me food is about forging meaningful connections and sharing unforgettable experiences with those we hold dear"

Giannis Parikos embarked on his gastronomic journey under the tutelage of two remarkable mentors: his mother and grandmother. Hailing from the coastal village of Glyfa, where fishermen and olive growers harmoniously coexisted, he imbibed the essence of fresh herbs and olive oil from a young age while assisting in the family's olive cultivation.

Guided by nostalgic memories of wood-fired ovens and bustling family kitchens, Giannis' culinary aspirations evolved into a conscious calling, deeply rooted in his childhood experiences. Venturing beyond borders, he refined his skills at the Michelin-starred Epicure in Paris and Sea Grill in Brussels, enriching his repertoire with diverse flavors and techniques. Upon returning to Greece, Giannis left an indelible mark on the culinary scene, running the kitchens of renowned restaurants like Hytra in Athens and Water Restaurant in Halkidiki.

Accolades followed suit, with Giannis receiving the coveted Golden Chef’s Cap award for his culinary prowess year after year.

“For SeaRocks I sought to express my passion for food and create dishes that foster connection”

The food

Everything to Share!

Locally-sourced Ingredients Deliver Bold and Authentic Flavors

A place where people are brought together over good food and drinks. The menu is carefully designed to take you on a delightful journey, where the pureness of the ingredients, the link between creativity and familiarity, and the sense of togetherness are leading. I believe that food goes beyond its taste. 

It has the power to create comfort and joy, make you feel present in the moment and foster conversations, good vibes, and laughter. This is the dining experience our team would like to offer; A holiday feast. I encourage you to share food in the middle, taste more, slow down, and enjoy the sea view. But most importantly to enjoy the company of your beloved ones.
Bon appetit!